A b o u t

 " It makes you think."  A viewer at an exhibition once said of my work. I took it as a compliment. My pictures tell stories so thinking is good. 

From the beginning of my art training in the mid seventies my main interest has been in figurative and particularly narrative and symbolist art. My influences were, in art of course, but not to a lesser degree the comics, film and television and those sixties style graphics I'd grown up with.

Whether I'm working with paint, film or digital drawing I'm interested in images that portray a frozen moment, that stillness through which an underlying meaning is implied or revealed. A moody atmosphere prevails and a sense that something is about to happen. I make pictures to try to understand the world I live in. I now live on the Isle of Mull. The word mull also means 'to think'.


Please email me if you wish to see my full c.v. or to access the archive section of this website   mikedarling@live.co.uk



1979 Stowells Trophy Exhibition. The Royal Academy, London.


1980 South Croxton Festival, Leicestershire.


1981 - 1982 Two Fosse Artists Group Shows. St Martins Gallery, Leicester.


1982 Midland View II. An open selection East Midlands Arts Touring Exhibition.


1983 New Work. St Michael's Gallery, Derby Cathedral.

"From the Subliminal to the Ridiculous". A residency studying the

practices of surrealist art. The work was exhibited alongside a

Surrealist film season at Phoenix Arts, Leicester.

Funded by East Midlands Arts.


1984 Sculpture commission "Dante's Inferno". For Nottingham Fringe Festival. 

 Midland Group, Nottingham.


1985 "Human Perspectives". A group exhibition with Sonia Lawson and Peter Wilson.

for East Midlands Arts

Great Linford Arts Centre, Milton Keynes.


1988 One Man Show. KQB Gallery, Elkins, W.Virginia, U.S.A.


1990 One Man Show. Phoenix Arts, Leicester.


1991 "Drawings on the Head". Leicester City Gallery Touring Exhibition

"Unwritten Stories". Work on paper. One Man Show.

Haymarket Theatre, Leicester.

Film and interview on "Now Showing", BBC Midlands.

Narrative paintings. One Man Show. Nottingham Castle



1992 Invite d'Honneur at an open exhibition at Casino de Bonsecours,


"Art and Music". Phoenix Arts, Leicester.

Leicester City Gallery Christmas open exhibition. Winner of the Richmond printers award.

One Man Show. New Work, Haymarket Theatre, Leicester.


1993 Guardian Art for Sale. Whiteleys, Bayswater, London.


1994 Observer Art for Sale. Whiteleys, Bayswater,  London.


1995 Imperial Cancer Research Fund-raising Exhibition.

Christie's, London.


1997 Narrative paintings and portraits. One Man Show. Sheffield University Gallery.


1999-2003 Paintings on show at Cupola gallery Sheffield and the Design

Shop, Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax.


2000 "Michael Darling, The Weirdness Years". Narrative paintings. Solo exhibition at The Workstation Sheffield.


2005 Landscapes, Solo exhibition, Steadings Gallery, Glengorm Castle,

Isle of Mull.


2007 Landscapes, With Kate Carruthers. Steadings Gallery,

Glengorm Castle, Isle of Mull.


2012 Wolf. New Digital Art. An Tobar, Tobermory