Wolf Reference


I had an exhibition of digital drawings entitled Wolf at An Tobar in 2012, this was themed on the                      quotation

from Aldo Leopold's book; A Sand County Almanac.

There are a few examples of work from the exhibition in the          section of this website. The exhibition was of the work in progress type, during the course of working for this exhibition I developed a greater awareness of the power of the Wolf as an iconic representative of notions of the wild and the concept of "wilderness" and the development of environmental ethics.


Below are various sources of reference and links to websites which I found useful (if not always very accessible) for research;


Why Look at Animals; John Berger


Walking; Henry David Thoreau


Of Wolves and Men; Barry Lopez


Wolves; L David Mech and Luigi Boitoni


J. Baird Callicott, "The Wilderness Idea Revisited,"


Wild Ideas by David Rothenberg


A Sand County Almanac; Aldo Leopold


The Animal That Therefore I Am; Jacques Derrida


Black Elk's Sacred Pipe; Black Elk and Joseph Epes Brown