The Woodman and the Wolf.

Sarah took a photograph of some trees moving in the wind. It was on the wall in front of my bed, I could make out the shape of a bearded face among the branches and undergrowth.

I've always seen these faces in the trees ever since I was a child. I suppose it's a fundamental necessity for creatures to recognise their own species but I've always felt that the humans are the scary ones and the animals are reassuring.


I made this image of the face as a wood spirit in the style of an old fashioned childrens book illustration and of course added a wandering wolf. 

(for reassurance?)

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Giclee print on Hahnemuhle photorag paper A1, 22x33 inches (59.4x42 cms). Signed edition of fifty. £150


The Fallen Man

The Wolf Dream

Girl at the Forest edge