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My prints are made from digital drawings, this term refers to the process of using a graphics pen and tablet to make an original image on the computer. There are many ways in which computers can be used creatively to alter photographs but that's not what you'll see here. For me the computer is just another drawing tool. The qualities of the marks and colours can be manipulated by an artist in similar ways to other media. Drawn elements can be used to make a composition as a montage. A major advantage for the artist is that all the layers and elements of the design can be corrected or re-used at any time.

The prints that can be made from digital images can have lovely qualities of line and colour; it's hard to do them justice on a screen. I've added a selection of roughly print sized clips to give an idea of how things look in reality. 

The images on this page are available for sale as giclee prints on Hahnemuhle 300gsm photorag paper. The minimum size for prints will be A3 unless stated.

The Woodman and the Wolf 

Girl at the Forest edge

The Fallen Man

The Wolf Dream